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Persian Meshed Rug, Semi-Antique, 3.11 x 6.4
Persian Meshkin Rug, Semi-Antique, Size 5 x 9.7
Persian Tribal Luri, Circa 1950, Semi-Antique, Jewel Tone Palette
Positively lustrous Antique Lillihan Rug, size 11 x 13
Rare Antique Chinese Peking Rug, 5.0 x 7.8
Room size Antique Sarouk Rug, size 9.4 x 11.4
Semi Antique Chilaberd Talish runner, 4.9 x 9.6
Semi Antique Sarouk, Circa 1920, size 2.2 x 4.1
Semi Antique Shirvan Kilim, Inspired Color Palette
Semi Antique Shirvan Kilim, Unique Size
Semi Antique Unique Bold Color Shirvan Kilim
Semi-Antique Baku Kilim, oversized
Semi-Antique Belouche Runner
Semi-Antique European Tapestry, Wall Hanging
Semi-Antique Ghudjeri Horse Blanket
Semi-antique Karabagh Kilim, Dramatic color palette
Semi-Antique Kuba Kilim
Semi-antique Sevan Kazak Rug, Circa 1930
Semi-Antique Shirvan Kilim, Circa 1930-40
Semi-Antique Shirvan Kilim, Vivid color palette
Shades of Blue, Antique Sarouk Mahal, size 9.4 x 13.0
Shirvan Kilim, Great Size, Antique, Circa 19th Century, 4.10 x 9.1
Shirvan Kilim, Semi-Antique
Small Antique Sarouk, Vibrant, size 3.5 x 5
Small Sarouk, Antique, Good Pile, Soft Color
Tall Vintage Brass Hookahs (2) - Great Accent Pieces
Turkoman Tekke Rug, Circa mid-19th Century, 6.7 x 9.2
Unique Antique Nichols Chinese Rug
Unique Fan-Shaped Art Deco Rug/Wall Hanging
Unique Pictorial Belouche Rug
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