Common Cleaning Questions

Hagopian University. You have questions? We have answers!

Can't I just rent one of those cleaning machines and do it myself?

Sure! But, beside the fact that it won't save you much money our van powered system is many times more powerful. In addition our cleaning solutions are specially formulated to deep clean your carpet and fabrics without leaving a sticky residue.

So why should I choose Hagopian over all those other cleaning companies?

Since 1939 we have been perfecting the art of cleaning; longer than any other company in Michigan. Our specialists have been with us an average of over 20 years, an unheard of length of time in the cleaning industry.

We have gained national recognition for out leadership, integrity and expertise from our peers. Many cleaners throughtout Michigan use us to help resolve their problems, and we receive rugs to clean or repair almost daily from customers all over the United States.

No one has the commitment of people or the investment of equipment that we have!

How do I know my carpet needs cleaning?

We get asked this question every day and the answer always starts out the same: it depends. It depends on your individual situation in your home such as are there kids and pets that track things into the home a lot? Do shoes get removed when people come into your home? Do you eat greasy foods and sugary drinks while sitting on your upholstery?

Lots of factors come into play in how quickly your furnishings look soiled and that is the key. When things start to look soiled that is the time to clean them - before they get too bad. The longer things are soiled the more your regular foot traffic (other body parts if furniture) grinds the soils deeper into the fibers, making them less able to be removed completely.

Just like a pair of jeans that show wear and color loss in the knee area over time, your carpet, rugs and upholstery will do the same if not cleaned regularly. For some that is every 3-6 months or even longer for areas that are not used.

So when exactly can you clean my carpet? I work a lot of hours.

We pride ourselves on working with you to get there when you need us 7 days a week. We are usually scheduled out 2-3 business days and up to one week ahead for weekends.

Can you clean my rugs when you come out to clean my carpeting?

Rugs are different than carpet in a number of ways i.e. construction, materials, thickness & density all of which make them unique in terms of cleaning. Then there is the surface (wood, tile, stone etc.) that your rugs lay on that may be damaged by having your rugs cleaned in the home. While cleaning your carpet and upholstery in your home or business is most practical, we have a specially designed rug cleaning facility (our Rug Care Spa) where we will thoroughly and safely clean your rugs. We have 5 rug cleaning drop off locations in Oak Park, Birmingham, Novi, Ann Arbor & Utica and if you bring them to us it will save you money. If you need, we can also pick-up and deliver your rugs.

What about Scotchgard™, is that really helpful?

Yes is the short answer. 3M Scotchgard™provides your fabrics with an invisible protective barrier to assist you in removing spots and spills yourself by keeping them from penetrating deep into the fibers as quickly.  It also helps to make your regular vacuuming more effective and should help the items protected stay clean longer.

In addition to 3M Scotchgard™ we offer a number of other specialty treatments:

Can you appraise my rugs?

We sure can! It is important to have relatively current (within 5 years) appraisals on your valuable rugs and you may want to have them specificallyy added on to your homeowner's insurance policy so that you are covered in full in the event they become damaged or stolen.

Do you repair rugs?

We have 4 full time rug restoration specialists (no other company in Michigan has even one!) that can repair virtually any problem your rugs may have. From unravelled fringe and frayed edges, to the reweaving of a fine silk heirloom piece we can do it all!