Commercial Carpet Cleaning FAQ

What procedure is used for cleaning the carpet?
Truck-mount steam cleaning with special attention to spots, spills and high traffic areas. We use a variety of cleaning systems and procedures. Sometimes several systems are used in conjunction to provide the best possible results. Your Account Manager and Cleaning Specialists have years of experience and will make recommendations accordingly.

What procedure is used for cleaning the tile and grout?

Truck-mount, high heat, high pressure rotary with tile brush. Depending upon condition of grout, this may be a restorative cleaning, using both alkaline and acid pre-sprays.

What procedure is used for cleaning Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)?
Apply stripper, extract with truck-mount, apply 4 coats of wax.

Does 3M Scotchgard really work?
Yes. It has been proven to extend the life of your carpet and furniture with proper application and maintenance.

How do we prepare for our appointment?
Have all boxes, papers, files, etc off the floor; move small garbage cans, chair mats and personal breakable items.

What about the computer towers on the floor?
Typically, the towers are left in place or pushed to the rear of the seating area. Our cleaning tool is shielded to prevent over-spray when we clean around the towers.

What equipment is used?
We use the Butler vacuum and pump system which has been modified to the higher Hagopian standards for suction and pumping speed.

What is the lead time for scheduling service?
We recommend at least a two-day lead; however, we are able to schedule with less.

Can you guarantee stain/odor/etc removal?
No. There are too many variables that occur, such as age of carpet, type of fiber, wear of fiber, type of stain/odor/etc, possible damage to fiber either before or after, how long existed. But we are the most experienced in dealing with removal situations.

Can you spot-clean fabric partitions or drapes?
Spot-cleaning these items can lead to water spots which do not come out. It is highly recommended that fabric partitions and drapery be cleaned completely for best results.

Can you remove signs of water damage?
In many cases, we have been able to lighten up the telltale marks of water damage. There is no guarantee of complete removal.

Will you need to use my water and electricity?
No, our units are completely self-contained. We supply our own treated water and the machine runs off the V-8 van motor.

What do you do with the dirty water?
Our trucks are equipped with large holding tanks so we can bring the water back to our location of dispose of it properly.