Hagopian's 10 Step Air Duct Cleaning Process

Expect The Best...Expect The Purple Truck

1. EASY SCHEDULING: On-line or call 1-800-HAGOPIAN. Our experienced staff will answer your questions and book your 2-hour appointment window.

2. ON-TIME ARRIVAL: Our unique Stormtech 2100 truck arrives at your home, ready to deliver a cyclone of power to muscle out dirt, debris and dust.

3. PRE-CLEANING INSPECTION: Our technicians examine your air system and share photos with you, explaining the action plan. (includes furnace test)

4. HOME PROTECTION: We utilize the Seal-A-Door system, creating a clean barrier between your home and the outside. Our “Purple Carpet Treatment”, corner guards and technician shoe covers ensure the utmost care is used in your home.

5. AIR PURIFICATION: While cleaning your ventilation system, our medical grade air purifier will be running in your home, reducing airborne particulate matter, including dust and pollen, improving your indoor air quality.

6. STATE-OF-THE-ART DUCT CLEANING: Hagopian’s dual cyclonic truck connects into both the ventilation supply and return ducts to ensure maximum power throughout your heating and air conditioning system. Then, our proprietary compression system along with our specialty cleaning tools allows hard to reach debris and dust to be muscled away.

7. CLEAN UP: Our technicians then vacuum clean the floor surface around the work areas with our HEPA vacuums, further reducing particulates and dust. Utilizing specially developed tools, every register vent is cleaned with our proprietary, botanical disinfectant.

8. WRAP UP: Our technicians will seal all access holes and reinstall any vent covers removed during the cleaning process. A new, high-quality furnace filter will be installed and your system will be tested and returned to service.

9. FINAL REPORT: Seeing is believing! Feel confident knowing the highest standards of Indoor Air Quality are maintained through your service checklist and final report with photos showing what was done.

10. FOLLOW UP CALL: You will receive a post-service call from our Customer Care staff making sure you are completely satisfied with your Air Duct Cleaning.